what happens when you run everyday?

I’ve wondered about this for the longest time. What would my life be like if I could actually bring myself to stop being a lazy bum and actually do something about my weight?

Like many girls, I’ve always had insecurities about my body. (I stop short of saying I ‘struggled’ with these issues because I’ve never actually been overweight – I’m 162cm tall and weigh around 53kg – so I can’t pretend to know what that feels like.

What I mean is that I’ve always felt like my tummy was too flabby, my arms too soft, my thighs too large… the ‘standard’, I suppose. Unless we’ve really good genetics or are real fitness junkies, I’d bet the majority of us are generally displeased with our appearance in some way or other.

Anyhow, this Chinese New Year season, in the midst of feasting on Bak Kwa and Love Letters, something snapped inside me. Perhaps I got too grossed out by all the oil and fat I was consuming (such first world problems we have) but I felt a crazy impulse to sweat it all out.

So, I started running every day.

running-everyday        friday-evening-run

On day one, I honestly felt like a hopeless case. I had zero stamina, and had to stop to catch my breath something like five times while getting to my end point. ‘This isn’t going to work out’, I thought. ‘I’m just not built for this kinda thing!’

But after the second or third day of running, (surprisingly I didn’t get very bad muscle aches so I was able to run without any problems,) I started feeling my stamina and overall fitness improving. I didn’t get as tired as quickly while jogging, and I didn’t start feeling like my body was being strained till much later on.

A few days after that, I started actually noticing subtle differences in my body – my stomach felt slightly tighter, my thighs more springy, my arms stronger (my knee is still as weak as ever though, I’ve an old injury there, but that’s besides the point). Bad knee aside, I feel great!

Right now, I’m a little over a week into starting out this new lifestyle habit, and I’m still feeling an itch to run every other day. Can’t believe I’m saying it, but exercise is addictive, really! I’m starting to think, and hope, that this might actually become a thing.

Yeah so… Who knows what happens when you run everyday! I’ll keep you posted!


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