my new lena cup!

Hilda: Do you happen to have a pad on you?
Valerie: Oh, I use like a cup.
Us: Oh, ok. Wait, you use a WHAT???!

I’ve known about the existence of menstrual cups for quite some time now (thank you, Buzzfeed!) but it never ever occurred to me to use one. Ask me a year ago if I’d ever stick something that large in my body and I’d probably laugh and call you crazy. It’s terrifying! How can something like that even fit?

A couple weeks back however, I met a friend while travelling who did use a menstrual cup – the above was pretty much the conversation we had. “You got to be really comfortable with your body,” she added while describing her experiences with the period product. “But I mean, it’s not like it really hurts or anything – It’s safer than tampons and you only need to change it like once every 12 hours. And it lasts for five years. Just think about the money you save! PLUS, it’s really good for the environment.”

We were sold.

Once we got back to Singapore, Hilda and I went on Amazon and bought ourselves a menstrual cup each (because boo, they don’t sell menstrual cups at drugstores here… WHY!!!). Her friend happened to be travelling in the United States at the time, and he was kind enough to help us bring it back to Singapore (yay no shipping)! AND IT JUST ARRIVED TODAY.


(sorry, I kind of smushed the pretty packaging a little).


Okay, before I go crazy about how much I love little blue thing, let me first complain that LENA, YOU GAVE ME THE WRONG SIZE 😦

So in case you’re not aware, Lena menstrual cups come in two sizes: a small (25ml) and a large (30ml). I took special care to order a small because I read online reviews which said that they were the best for the uninitiated, but what was delivered to me was a large sized menstrual cup in a ‘small’ package. I actually didn’t even realise it till Hilda and I compared cups (we received both of ours at the same time) so we gan bei-ed hahaha! One minus point for you, Lena!

That small blunder aside, I’ve completely fallen in love with my new menstrual cup. It has a really smooth, firm texture, being made of 100% medical-grade silicone, and it’s colour is pretty to look at too! It does have a pretty long stem sticking out from its base, which did get pretty annoying when I tried using it for the first time, but I’m not particularly concerned with that because you can just cut it off quick and easy (the Lena website recommends that too if it gets to be an issue). And while it can get a little uncomfortable when you put it in, it sits fine right after.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to getting my next period so that I can give this product a shot!

And no, don’t worry, I definitely WILL NOT keep you posted – periods are pretty gross, so I’ll not disgust you with the details… not with pictures anyway! I can be pretty descriptive with language, but I think you’d probably not want to know.

For now anyway, Lena, I’m giving you two thumbs up! I’ve really high hopes for you!


4 thoughts on “my new lena cup!

  1. did you reach out to Lena? They are pretty great at providing support. I’ve heard of stories of customers getting free replacements for when they cut their stems too short, etc. I’ve gotten their sensitive cup for free when I reached out to Lena for help on inserting the normal small cup.


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