on not being an addict

Addictions are, for the most part, all in the mind. Take smoking for instance. It’s a great stress reliever in part because of the chemical components in a cigarette. But it’s also a great stress reliever because it’s something smokers get dependent on for a sense of relief. Well, I thought so, anyway.

When your boss is angry at you? Smoke.

When you’ve a really scary interview? Smoke.

When you’ve an exam? Smoke.

First date? Smoke. 

Smoke, smoke, smoke.

I can’t deny this… I’ve many addictions, in varying degrees of severity obviously. At just this moment, all that comes to mind is coffee, but the dependency I have with these various things is really bad. If we’re talking about my being hooked to coffee, well, sometimes I can’t go a day without getting my usual (I should say occasional but who am I kidding) four cups of Kopi O Kosong because I’ve grown dependent on it to keep me sane. I know I shouldn’t keep it up.

No matter how mild the addiction, it’s bound to have some sort of negative implication on your body. Cigarettes and coffee stain the teeth, alcohol messes up your liver, sweets and fast food make you fat, etc.

Maybe the solution is to try get dependent on other things. Other, better things, things that don’t mess up your brain and turn it into jell-o.

This one really famous youtuber whose name I can’t remember at the moment did a video recently on being addicted to running, which is a great idea I’m still struggling to incorporate into my weekly routine. Some of my friends are really dependent on religion, and go to church or cell group once or twice a week. Others may be dependent on their significant other, or a sport they play, or maybe a hobby they’re crazy about.

Whatever it is, using another activity as a temporary replacement helps. But still, getting rid of your original addiction or dependency is really hard. It’s a whole lot of mind over matter, and awkward, difficult internal struggles.

I say that now because I’m going to go on a three month __________ (fill in the blanks here) strike. (Sorry I’m keeping this so vague, but because I’ve multiple bad habits I’m trying to cut out of my life, it’ll get pretty wordy and boring if I list them all here.)

Anyhow, it just occurred to me at the dentist yesterday that sometimes when something is really eating away at you, like a decaying tooth, the best thing you can do is yank it out by the root – not slowly pick at it and hope the pain will fade over time. That hardly ever happens.

So, here goes! Wish me luck! Phew!

P.S. And no, coffee isn’t on my list. I’m not that strong… yet :>


3 thoughts on “on not being an addict

  1. This is a wonderful blog. The art and the wisdom on addictions are profound! Thank you for the tooth analogy. Keep up your desire to grow. I will work harder on my growth too!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! Haha I wish it was easier to kick these habits but I suppose strength in this sense lies in obstinately sticking to one’s decision to change for the better. Keep it up too! 🙂

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