drawing rafflesias & starting an ink drawing portfolio

A couple days ago, I chanced upon a beautiful digital illustration of rafflesias by Singapore-based creative designer Tetuko Hanggoro (check out his amazing artworks and projects here!) and got really inspired to explore nature drawing and negative space with a similar subject matter.

Ta da!!! Here’s the result!

Drawn on A4 paper with a Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Pen 0.28 & 0.38 mm (Black). [24/03/2017]
I’m really excited to share it with you because its probably one of the most time consuming and intricate projects I’ve done thus far. The above drawing took me probably somewhere between 7 – 9 hours of inking? I’m not too sure how long exactly because I do have the terrible habit of doodling during my lectures and tutorials in university (I’m still paying attention though – I hand write my notes on fool scab paper on the side) but anyway, it took about three to four classes, if that’s anywhere close to a gauge.

Ink illustration is definitely an art style I want to explore further. I’ll keep you posted on my new “Ink Drawings” page!

Really hope you like it 🙂


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