… drawn with a

Drawn with a Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Pen 0.38 mm (Black).

When I was younger, I used to doodle in class every chance I had. Haha! I distinctly recall getting chided for it all the time! “Dreamer! stop daydreaming and pay attention,” my teachers (who were very nice to me by the way) used to scream. Anyhow, somewhere along the way, I got so used to using the same pen for both taking classroom notes and quick sketching that I find it hard right now to use any other brand – even artist pens take a bit of getting used to! This is without a doubt my favourite. 😂

And no, I never stopped dreaming. Whether or not that’s a good thing though… that’s a whole different story ~ ⛅️


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