Mother’s Day Cards: Thank you for always keeping me close to your heart

In the days leading up to Mother’s Day this year, perhaps in part because of the bombardment of tear-jerking, heart-wrenching youtube videos and TV advertisements telling stories revolving around mothers’ unconditional love, I found myself deep in thought about huge impact my mother has had on my life.

Here’s a photograph of my parents around the time when they got married at my grandparent’s old condo.

Though I do disagree with a lot of the things she does and says and thinks (like any disgruntled child, I can rant for hours on how annoying she can be), I can’t deny that my mother has always kept me close to her heart and her thoughts.

Especially in my younger, more formative years, my mother has always wanted the best for me, and she actively sought out opportunities that she wanted me to have. Whether it be getting me into a good school, providing me with enrichment lessons (granted, sometimes in things I really had no interest in) or even going shopping with me so that I’d have nice, new clothes to wear… She has always put me first, and I am truly appreciative of that.

Thinking through these various things, this Mother’s Day, I wanted to gift my mother with a hand drawn note of sorts, something on which both pa could I pen down some happy words of appreciation for her.

Tada! Here it is! I shan’t upload a picture of the original drawing because our notes (dad’s and mine) are incredibly cheesy and lame, but anyhow, I’m really happy because though she’s not the kind to admit it, I think she likes it quite a lot. In fact, it now sits in a frame somewhat precariously on her bedside table, atop ten thousand Christian magazines and letters and bibles and what not.

I like it loads too! This is probably the most detailed drawing of flowers I’ve done thus far – and is “way better”, to use my bff’s words, than my previous drawings of various other species: ixoras, sunflowers and bougainvilleas, just to name a few.

To get to the point anyway, I decided to turn this illustration into a gift card centered around love – specifically around my thoughts around my mother’s love.

Here’s how it turned out 🙂


It did take me a while to think up a good quote to capture the moment – but I ultimately decided on this one, “Thank you for always keeping me close to your <3”. It captures exactly how I feel about my own mother, and how appreciative I am of the many things she’s done for me.

I’ll be making this card available on my Etsy store in two colours (white and a somewhat metallic-ish beige) and in two sizes (A6 (white only) and DL (both white and beige)). Head on over if you’d like to check it out!

I hope whoever you gift this to will like it just as much as (I hope) my mother did the original. 🙂



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