I’m a 52 Tales Mentee!

Hey guys! Just wanted to share a quick update that I GOT ACCEPTED AS A 52 TALES MENTEE!


52 Tales is an art mentorship programme jointly organised by Noise Singapore and the Band of Doodlers.ย It involves a series of exhibitions to celebrate Singaporeโ€™s 52 years of nation building, reminding us that our Singaporean identity is a summation of many years of toil, sacrifice, and contributions of pioneers and future generations alike.

As a mentee, I’ll be working with 51 others (there’s 52 of us!) to create an artwork, a reinterpretation of a Singaporean icon, for exhibition along Orchard Road. More specifically, I’m working on a reinterpretation of Suntec City, while some other mentees will interpret local tales, folklore and Singaporean idiosyncrasies. I’m actually very nervous because I’ve never done digital illustrations before, nor have I ever drawn buildings (that look nice anyway). Hopefully it turns out alright ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll also be involved in curating one of many island-wide pop up art exhibitions together with my awesome group who you must meet!

Yup! I’ll keep you posted! โค


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