my story

My name is Elizabeth Shana, and I’m a recent Social Sciences (Geography) graduate from the National University of Singapore. I am also a self-taught ink artist who enjoys art immensely. I most frequently draw surreal animal creatures in strange, thought provoking settings, and am most comfortable with pens and watercolours, though I am currently venturing into digital art as well, on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

I have always had a keen interest and passion in drawing and art, present ever since my childhood days. I don’t quite remember when and how I first started drawing, but some of my earliest memories in Primary School and even Kindergarten were of doodling characters in my free time. I believe this must have been how I got hooked on doing ink drawings – all throughout school, I doodled with the same pen I use to take notes with. I recall even convincing my ‘O’ level Art teacher to allow me to use the same Uniball Signo 0.38 pen for my final project!

These experiences have set a strong foundation for me in my passion for art. Recently, since having completed my final paper in university and a brief teaching internship in May, I decided to spend the following two months to seriously focus on art and drawing. I took up multiple freelance illustration jobs, which include designing wedding invitations, and even a tattoo! I was also pleasantly surprised to have been asked by my former classmates at the University Scholars Programme to work on an art project as a batch gift for our college. Currently, as a mentee of the 52 Tales Mentorship Programme, jointly organized by Noise Singapore and the Band of Doodlers, I am working on a digital artwork of Suntec City to be exhibited along Orchard Road. I am also concurrently working with fellow mentees to plan a community art exhibition in Wisma Atria, which will be launched on August 5th.