Baby Bunnies Farewell Card (Commissioned)

This commissioned illustration of baby bunnies (some in diapers!) is for a farewell gift card. It was drawn using a Uniball Signo DX 0.28 (black) pen, and coloured in with Daler Rowney Watercolour paints.

Here’s how the printing turned out! ūüôā

To see more of my works, check out my online portfolio on here!

Looking back on my 2016 EOY Trip: Thailand!

This must come across as very abrupt, but a couple weeks ago, around the time when the global cyber attacks struck, I heard of some websites hosted on WordPress getting hacked, and so, decided to back up all my stuff. And in the process, I REALISED I NEVER TALKED ABOUT THE EOY TRIP I BLOGGED ABOUT BACK IN DECEMBER!

OMG! OOPS!??!!??

Haha! Yeah! So, this post is going to be all about my¬†EOY holiday! Read on if you’re interested to know what I got up to last DECEMBER (omg I procrastinated for half a year…)¬†in Thailand and Malaysia!

Day 1 (Dec 27): Arriving in Bangkok

  • Touchdown!
  • Checked in at Chic Hostel, which by the way has a great breakfast buffet option (they’ve a partnership with the hotel next door)
Because there weren’t all that many places for us to do our laundry, well… there are many uses for a bed!
  • Visited Or Tor Kor Market, the cleanest wet market¬†ever
  • Met with Meerkats at Little Zoo Cafe
They’ve all kinds of animals! Meerkats, parakeets, naked mole rats, foxes and that one special corgi!¬†Super cute ūü¶ä
  • Watched a Muay Thai match at Lumpinee Boxing¬†Stadium! What an experience!
Here’s our ticket! Because we’re foreigners, entry cost us 1,000 THB, but the experience was worth every penny.

Day 2 (Dec 28): Hiking up Erawan Falls!

  • Woke up seriously way too early to catch the¬†6am bus to Kanchanaburi, after which we hopped on another bus to Erawan
  • Hiked up to see all seven waterfalls in Erawan National Park! Difficulty level: pretty okay from levels 1-5? The terrain gets much steeper and harder to climb up from there onwards. And as always, coming down is way harder than going up.
Thank goodness for stairs!
Finally at the seventh level. What a sight!
  • Ramen, Bingsu and clubbing @¬†Demo Nightclub
I think we were half starved at this point!

Day 3 (Dec 29): Shopping at Pratunam, Clubbing at Route 66 and some surprises in between!

  • Went shopping for clothes at Pratunam
After having finally visited this stretch, I can now safely say that I get why people fly all the way to Bangkok to shop ūüėÖ
  • Took in the sights of the city at Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar
Us trying desperately to squeeze into a square for instagram! Also I love Hilda’s dark matte lipstick ūüíč
The view is so beautiful!
  • This girl got a tat!!! ūüėć ¬†Tattoo artist: @tattoogirlm
It’s my first time having ever seen anyone getting a tat done! Scary much?
  • Danced the night away @ Route 66

Day 4 (Dec 30): Temple Hopping + Bus Ride to Koh Samui!

  • Stood in awe at Wat Pho & the Grand Palace
The architecture is seriously just amazing!
Couldn’t resist uploading this selfie.
Here’s a drawing I did later of a temple guardian at Wat Pho.
  • Hopped on a bus and ferry to Koh Samui!

And at this point I really must say that it is incredibly paramount to research the transport option you’ve chosen. Hilda and I ended up having a really… questionable ride, to say the least. Not only was our bus late by over an hour, meaning we waited by the road side for that amount of time, they also dropped us off for another couple hours at a rest stop in the middle of the night with no information on when our next bus would arrive. Plus, when we finally got to the ferry terminal for Koh Samui, we were made to wait yet another hour or so. Valerie, who took a different transport option, left Bangkok two hours after us, and arrived Koh Samui two hours before. If I was alone, I’d have been so scared!

Here’s the station where we took our bus from.
Us the disgruntled passengers!

Day 5 (Dec 31): Arriving at Koh Samui!

  • FINALLY arrived at Koh Samui, and checked into our hotel,¬†The Lodge
Hello, Koh Samui! What a beautiful change from busy Bangkok.
  • Checked out Fisherman’s Village along Bophut Beach
We discovered this wonderful gem of a cafe which had the best green curry! We actually came by twice for their awesome food.
  • Took a life-threatening (I¬†am not kidding) speed boat ride to Koh Phangan for the FULL MOON PARTY! There ain’t no better way to usher in 2017 than this!
We danced all night! Well at least till it started raining.

Day 6 (Jan 1): Temples and MORE CLUBBING

  • Visited Koh Samui’s Big Buddha
It’s kinda interesting how numerous islands in Thailand have a Big Buddha. I remember visiting one in Phuket also, some time back.
  • Chilling out at Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui’s¬†most popular beach
Here’s a random selfie with the waves!
  • Clubbing at Ark Bar
It’s crazy! Koh Samui is the absolute best beach party destination! I remember there were some crazy fire breathing dudes doing crazy stunts on a what looked like a billboard just a couple tens of meters away from shore. It was a great show!

Day 7 (Jan 2): Off for Malaysia!

  • Bid Valerie a fond farewell ūüė≠ ¬†If you’re reading this, it was wonderful having met you! Thanks so much for making our trip so¬†memorable!
  • Because it started pouring (the streets were flooded, in fact) we camped out¬†at Fisherman’s Village, and had more awesome green curry
  • Finally, we left for Penang on a huge ferry from¬†Don Wai pier
Did I mention I’m terrified of boats?

Thank you, Thailand, for the beautiful memories! Okay, I don’t think I’ve ever clubbed as much as I did in a week alone, but drinks and dancing¬†aside, thank you also for gifting me with beautiful sights, sounds, meaningful conversation and insane experiences! It was amazing.

And now, off to Malaysia! At least,¬†tbc in my next blog post. Stay tuned! ūüôā

Don’t Judge Me, Owl!

I came across a whole slew of weird facts while researching what a judge (or barrister rather) traditionally wears, and just had to share them with you!

UPDATE: If you like this and my graduation fish illustration, you’ll be happy to know that I’m now selling these as gift cards on my Etsy shop @littlecorals ūüôā

Did you know that…

Barristers started donning wigs in the 17th century, when Charles II brought back with him to England the French fashion of powdered wigs. According to law professor Charles M. Yablon, they then soon became the “de rigeur” for English aristocrats. The wig wasn’t particularly hygienic, cost a ton and weighed probably about that much. Still, people came up with all sorts of weird reasons to preserve it, one being that it created a unified appearance of counsel, so that no one be favoured over another.

Drawn with a Uniball Signo DX 0.28 (black) pen and ZIG Mangaka Flexible Marker (Fine).

However, in recent years, traditional court dress appears… endangered, to say the least. As Ackland reports, last year, a Victorian supreme court judge expressed “profound disappointment” and even felt “disrespected” because barristers had turned up in wigs!¬†Further, Aldridge notes a general trend towards informality in the legal profession, in that more and more London firms are adopting business casual dress codes ‚Äď a stark difference from their devout commitment to formal dressing in the past. One law firm takes this to a whole other level, its only dress code being that “you have something between your feet and the carpet ‚Äď and that’s because our insurance company requires it!”

Will lawyers in smart looking Ralph Laurens become increasingly commonplace then? Hm… Maybe in some places, but generally, my sense is probably not. In Singapore, for instance, expect advocates and solicitors in long sleeved white shirts, ties, dark jackets and trousers. After all, “conspicuous ¬†jewellery or ornaments”, or any other statement fashion in a way risks undermining the ‘image of good judgement’, does it not? Like Professor Oak says in the popular Pok√©mon game: “There’s a time and place for everything, but not now.”

So while horsehair wigs may fast become a thing of the past (that is, if they’re not already), we can still probably expect lawyers to be the most formal of dressers. And that’s great! Who doesn’t love a (wo)man in a suit!

on graduation: the fish that left the school

Thank you, NUS, for having me around! It’s bittersweet that university is finally coming to an end, but well… on to better and brighter things in the future! Keeping my fingers crossed!

– Completed 31 May 2017

This drawing was inspired by the work of Japanese painter, Higuchi Yuko, of whom I’m a huge fan. It was done with a Uniball Signo DX 0.28 (black) and ZIG Mangaka Flexible Fine pen.

Practice sketches: The Little Mermaid

Before may flies by, and before my¬†(quite literally) fishy wave of inspiration ends, here’s a practice drawing of Ariel, The Little Mermaid! (Get it? Mer-may? )

Anyway, you may have noticed that I hardly ever draw faces, and to be completely honest, that’s cause I’m super duper bad at it! Well, what I mean is that¬†it takes a long time before I’m perfectly happy with how it turns out. Sometimes the eyes look off or the lips (lips are the hardest¬†imo) are too¬†thick or the nose is just¬†misshapen… Faces are really hard because every line has to be¬†super precise.

But hey, practice makes perfect right? I’ve never been more sure of the 10,000 hour rule guys. Practice practice practice!


Here’s what I was working on prior to drawing Ariel!

Drawing oranges and becoming a Society6 seller!

Hi guys! Just wanted to update¬†that I completed my orange print today! HUGE YAY!¬†It wasn’t a super time consuming project, and I’m really¬†happy with how it turned out ūüôā

My orange print! It’s drawn in pen and digitally coloured using my Wacom Intuos Art.

Also, and more excitingly, I recently discovered Society6, this awesome website which lets artists upload and sell their original artworks as over 30 premium consumer goods, from art prints to throw blankets! I mean… they’re just so beautiful!¬†It’s such a magical feeling to see your own artworks as actual products.

Here’s a screenshot I took of some of the available products on Society6, with my orange print on them!

There isn’t much on it yet, but do check it out for more good things!¬†I’ll be regularly uploading my work to my¬†“storefront” @ littlecorals.

Hope you like it!