Singapore Sling

A blend of fresh tropical fruits, pineapple, lime and cherry, together create the iconic Singapore Sling, widely regarded as our national cocktail. But did you know that the gin-based beverage was first created as a ladies drink, masked as harmless fruit punch? Back in 1915, Raffles Singapore bartender Ngiam Tong Boon saw the opportunity to create a pink cocktail with a feminine flair, allowing ladies to work around the rules of social etiquette of the time, that consuming alcohol in public was improper. As might be expected, the Singapore Sling quickly took off!

This artwork was produced for a community art exhibition at Wisma Atria, 52 Tales, which celebrates Singapore’s 52 years of nation building through the power of stories. Youths and young artists creatively reinterpret 52 popular and infamous Singapore tales, myths and idiosyncrasies, including the story of Hang Nadim, the tale of how Redhill was named, and why the Singapore Flyer rotates inwards.



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